Thank You For Your Continued Support

Body Mechanix Friends,

As 2019 comes to a close we find ourselves reflecting on the year, feeling so grateful. Grateful for the opportunity to work with each of you, to have such an amazing team and to be part of such powerful work every day.

The business has grown vastly in the last few years.  What was once a one-(wo)man show is now a team of eight therapists serving both the Dover and Portsmouth communities.  This year we were voted Top Local Winner for Businesses in New Hampshire.  We were also awarded 2019 Best of Dover in the Massage category.  Our growth and these accolades feel so good and are certainly markers we are proud of.  However, it’s the humble and personal connections that fuel us each and every day.

Many don’t realize that bodywork delves so much deeper than just the physical benefits.  Our work is personal; it’s emotional. Everyone comes to the table witha story. Not everyone is ready to speak that story, but our bodies carry and represent where we’ve been and what we’ve experienced.  Often times injuries and pain are connected to the weight of our worlds. Here, we provide a place of acceptance and trust to release what must go. We offer connection and support for health and healing.

Every therapist here is talented in working the body, and also in building trusting relationships allowing for growth.  We all take our work seriously. We know it’s important. And, it’s for you.

For those of you who have trusted in us over the years, thank you.  Thank you for understanding how important this work is. Thank you for finding “your therapist.”  Thank you for being open and willing to connect with someone new when necessary. Thank you for making bodywork a priority and for allowing us to be the place you come to.  

2019 was a wild ride: filled with love and loss, expansion and growth.  We know 2020 is going to be the best year yet and we are excited to help you make it great too.

Growth, Strength, Peace-

Amanda and the Body Mechanix Team