Five Ways Infrared Light Therapy Can Lead To Total Body Enhancement

LightStim Infrared LED BedIt’s been all the rave on the west coast and we now have Infrared Light Therapy right here, on the east coast, at Body Mechanix Massage.   LightStim LED Light Therapy delivers light energy to our body. And, just like plants, our skin and body tissues have the ability to absorb the light and turn it into energy- resulting in total body enhancement.  This treatment packs a big punch and offers some interesting and expansive results for everyone. Here are our TOP FIVE favorite benefits.

    Adenosine Triphosphate or (ATP) is an energy-carrying molecule that is found in our cells. ATP captures chemical energy obtained from the breakdown of food and releases it to fuel other cellular processes in our bodies.  As we age our ATP production starts to diminish, rapidly increasing the aging process. One of the major FDA approved benefits of the LightStim bed is that it increases the cells’ production of ATP, ultimately slowing down the aging process.
    Another cellular benefit from LED Light Therapy is the increase in the production of Nitric Oxide.  Nitric Oxide is an important molecule that helps signal cells to do what they are meant to do. An increase in Nitric Oxide production helps to protect against cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes.  In addition to helping fight cardiovascular disease, it also has the power to protect skin from UV damage and reduce high blood pressure.
    Unlike most folks on the west coast, many of us east coasters truly feel the winter blues.  Low energy and feelings of sadness hit us as the days get shorter and darkness sets in. Our bodies naturally slow in the production of serotonin due to the lack of sunlight.  So, those “blues” are totally legit and we can help you get through this upcoming season with LED Light Therapy as it naturally increases the release of endorphins and serotonin.  Add this treatment to your winter health regimen and you’ll be feeling great all season long.
    LED Light Therapy emits multiple wavelengths of light all of which work together to help increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation.  Improving circulation and reducing inflammation allows your body to naturally relieve pain and speed the healing process. This is a powerful therapy for those experiencing arthritic pain, or other muscle and joint pains.
    The LightStim Technology promotes total body wellness and peak physiological function.  This therapy is designed to rejuvenate, repair and energize every cell in the body. It’s made big waves in athletic communities and has proven to be a great addition to any athlete’s regimen.  The LED technology helps to decrease muscle fatigue, improves post-exercise recovery, and promotes muscle regeneration. It also helps to increase and improve lung capacity.   

LED Light Therapy is a cumulative therapy. To receive ultimate results begin with our base package of three 40 minute sessions. The more you use it, the more benefits you’ll see! And, this November only, receive $10 off your first package purchase!

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