Our Corporate Wellness Program Is Good For Your Health!

At Body Mechanix Massage, we’ve decided to take corporate massage to the next level and we want you to be a part of it!

Many of our physical complaints (aches, pains, lower back distress, carpal tunnel, to name a few) stem from our posture at work. Although some companies are trying to combat this with stand-up desks, most of us (Corporate America) are still sitting for the majority of the day. This is why we, at Body Mechanix Massage, choose to use a table. Most corporate massages are conducted in chairs, but this is the exact position we are trying to avoid! In fact, we spend several hours a day working with people’s bodies to try and retrain and release areas that have been exacerbated from sitting at work.

Bringing a table into your facility allows us to conduct better bodywork, which in turn will help reverse some of the negative symptoms garnered from sitting in a chair all day. Believe us, your employees and co-workers will love it!

For more information on how you can incorporate our Corporate Wellness Program into your workplace, call 603.343.4033.