“Amanda at Body Mechanix is the reason why I was able to train for and enter a local competition that I had to miss the previous year due to pain and injury.” – Troy D.

“Just had my first ever massage with Heather. She was extremely friendly and knowledgeable about every step she was doing which was very comforting. She was also very helpful with the migraines and tension I have been experiencing lately as well. I will be recommending Heather and Body Mechanix to all. It was a great first experience! Thank you so much!!!” – Beth W.

“Rebecca is amazing and always has made my achy muscles feel so much better. Great and clean and professional place in both Dover & Portsmouth offices. Love them, highly recommend!!” – Carrie Alex

Just had my first massage with Ginny to help me with some hip-knee issues. She was super friendly and knowledgeable and the space was great. I can’t wait to come back:)– Sue D.

“Hands down the best place to get body work done!” – PJ S.

“I had some kind of nerve damage in my drawing hand, and I attribute its recovery to Amanda’s work. She is a fantastic, knowledgeable therapist and a good friend. Your mind and body will thank you for scheduling an appointment.” – Scotty Arsenault

Amazing! So friendly, welcoming environment. Can’t wait to go again!!!– Lydia K.

If you are going somewhere else for massage you are crazy! I have been getting massage for many years & feel so lucky to have found Amanda & her team. They are fantastic!!!! Make an appointment- you won’t be sorry. – Maureen R.

“Friendly, welcoming staff. Amanda is the best!!! I had been having tension headaches for months and since starting to see her, I haven’t had a single headache in more than a month. She is open, genuinely concerned about your well-being, and is so easy to talk to.” – Michelle C.

“I am completely thrilled with my experiences over the last six months with Body Mechanix, greatly helping my recovery from a back injury. Heather is my massage therapist and she is extremely knowledgeable, responsive to my questions and needs, and gives a strong and thorough massage! All of the staff have communicated with me in a professional and upbeat manner, and the space itself is extremely clean and welcoming.” – Leslie P.

“Strength and conditioning training is fun for me when I have a goal and see improvement in my performance. Nagging soreness and pain had caused setbacks for over a year. After two sessions with Amanda, fitness had once again become fun!” – Troy D.

“I have been going here for @ 5 years. Amanda has gotten me through more ups and downs as I’ve dealt with day to day stress or the more extensive scenario of ACL surgery. ACL surgery had complications involving nerve damage, muscle atrophy, and scar tissue build-up. Rather than medicating myself I trusted in massage and was not disappointed. Thank you!” – Erin T.

“Since I followed Rebecca D. from Stratham to Dover, the service is outstanding!!! Fabulous massage!” – Pam C.

“Amanda and Rebecca were so prompt and attentive to help ease and fix my neck injury. Three small visits and I am good as new. THANK YOU so much. I can’t recommend this business enough!! I will definitely be back for routine massage work!!” – Korrie V.

“Amanda is the most awesome Massage Therapist ever! She is really a life-saver and eases the pain and often it just disappears, after a few sessions with her! I am a long time client of hers and would not want to be without her for too long. She is great and she does know her stuff” – Karin S.

“I love my monthly massages with Rebecca! She’s awesome and I can’t wait til next month!”Corinne H.

In the fall of 2016 I had returned home from a three week vacation to Italy. During my first class back at Seacoast Kettlebell, I was hit with an sharp pain in the back of my leg, which caused me to have to stop the work-out. I had hoped it was just an unusual pull. As the days went on, I realized I had a real problem. The pain had increased, and become more noticeable during mundane activities (and inactivity). I tried ice. I tried stretching. I tried working through the pain (bad idea), and I visited a chiropractor on numerous occasions. Nothing was working. I gave up trying to fix it. I accepted it as the new normal. 

Months later, I was referred to Body Mechanix by one of the coaches at my gym. Thank God I took their advice. After my first session with Rebecca Duggan, my problem was diagnosed as being sciatica related, and the pain was lessened dramatically. After a small handful of sessions, I was able to workout again normally without anxiety about pain or re-injury. The sciatica is gone, but I still look forward to my sessions at Body Mechanix. The staff operates within a perfect balance of professional and casual, and Rebecca keeps my body from collapsing in on itself. What more could I ask for?!” – James K.

“Amanda was able to quickly diagnose, and immediately address pain that had prevented me from properly training for over a year.  Within a month, I was able to focus on form and increase weight in power and olympic lifts without the distraction of nagging pain.” – Troy D.

I love the therapeutic aspect to massage.  No matter what issue I may be having, Rebecca figures out the best approach for me.  She is wonderful, kind and easy to talk to.  Five stars!! ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” –Elyse B.

“You’ll really enjoy the experience and skills. I loved it!” – Kevin W.