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Welcome Ginny Hartnett, LMT

The team at Body Mechanix Massage is pleased to introduce our new therapist, Ginny Hartnett. Born and raised on the South Shore of Massachusetts, Ginny went to college at the University of New Hampshire and settled in Exeter, NH. Although she has traveled many wonderful places for visits, New England will always be her home.

Ginny grew up playing tennis, windsurfing, skiing and scuba diving. Later, she added martial arts and dance to her list of hobbies and is currently enjoying the challenges Brazilian JuJitsu has to offer.

As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, Ginny had the opportunity to take a workshop on fascia and it’s role in movement and movement disorders in the body. Fascinated, she was compelled to understand the fascial system more completely, enrolling in Great Bay Community College’s Massage Therapy program just four months later.

Every body is affected by daily life habits, occupation, posture and environment. When there is balance in the body’s structure, there can be ease and efficiency of movement and breath. When there is imbalance, it can echo through the body disrupting anything from sports performance to activities of daily living. Ginny is thrilled to use her skills to help people of all ages reach a state of balance and ease.

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