Meet the Therapist: Michelle Dunn, LMT

What drove you to this field?

Massage therapy was a big part of my recovery after a car accident about 10 years ago. Massage helped my body heal much faster than expected. Knowing firsthand how beneficial massage therapy is, I thought about becoming a licensed massage therapist but the idea always felt so far out of reach for many years. About 2 years ago, I participated in a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and it was during that time that idea of massage therapy kept coming back up for me as I began to study human movement in more depth. I made the decision to practice massage therapy full time and I can finally say I love what I do everyday – there is nothing more gratifying than helping someone feel better.


What’s your favorite stretch?

My favorite stretch is child’s pose because it is incredibly grounding and its a great stretch for back, hips, thighs, and ankles.


What do you do when you’re not busy massaging people?

When I’m not massaging, you can find me cooking nourishing food, drinking tea, practicing yoga, playing outside with my dogs, hiking in the white mountains, or snowboarding in Vermont.


What’s your favorite thing about working at Body Mechanix?

At Body Mechanix Massage, I feel extremely lucky to work alongside with such an incredibly supportive and amazingly talented team of strong and passionate women.


What is your health and wellness philosophy?

Balance and moderation are key in everything in life.


What’s your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is the Owl. Owl symbolizes a deep connection with wisdom, intuitive knowledge, and has the ability to see what others cannot see. Owl has shown up for me during some of the biggest and most difficult life changes and has taught me to appreciate life’s magic and trust the unknown.