Meet the Therapist: Amanda Holt-LMT, HHP, Owner

What drove you to this field?
I was always drawn to working with my hands. I’m a physical person so that outlet is important to me. I really enjoy people so to have a career that helped people but also allowed for creativity was spot on for me. I love learning new things all the time and being able to deepen my knowledge in the healing arts. Massage was a great decision for me and I LOVE my job!
What’s your favorite stretch?
Hmm.. I resonate more with mobility and fluid movement for keeping bendy and hydrated but the couch stretch and pigeon are a couple faves.
What do you do when you’re not busy massaging people? 
When I’m not in the therapy room I enjoy spending quality time with my girls, they are my pride and joy.  Getting as much outdoor time as possible every day. I also love 6am Kettlebell throwdowns, reading, studying and trying to live the best life I can. Oh, and on Sunday’s I morph into a Sunday school teacher.

Amanda and Izzy
What’s your favorite thing about working at Body Mechanix?
 My favorite thing about working at  Body Mechanix is our clientele. I have the most amazing clients!! It’s so fulfilling to connect with people on that level. It’s pretty much the coolest job ever. The next best thing is the wonderful team I have surrounding me. We have so much fun everyday and all LOVE what we do. It’s such a blessing.
What is your health and wellness philosophy? 
Good water, good air, as much outdoor time as possible. Love deeply, forgive, be passionate, be present, be kind. Show up. Move your body everyday. Don’t sit (if you do, it better be on your sits bones), cultivate spirituality. That sums it up!
What’s your spirit animal? 
I am the woodpecker, haha. Here’s a little summary: “Those with Woodpecker as a Birth Totem are deeply devoted, sensitive individuals who see nurturing as a necessity to the happiness of self and others. Family is everything.”