Feel Your Best In Life And In Movement with KoruFit, Portsmouth, NH

Amanda Holt, owner of Body Mechanix Massage, is excited to announce that she’ll be launching a new movement series this December, collaboratively designed with Ginny Hartnett and Heidi Savage, called KoruFit. This program was created to allow you to build a strong and powerful fascial system, have a balanced pelvis, a healthy psoas, and a relaxed nervous system. KoruFit will teach you to train intentionally and ultimately feel your best in life and in movement. You will literally be strengthened from the inside out!

Did you know that our fascial system encases everything in our body: our organs, tissue, and every cell? It also has a certain way of responding to specific training which is quite different from traditional exercise. Specifically targetting and working with our fascial system will provide relief from chronic pain and also allow us to train harder and do the things we love.

With KoruFit, you can expect this highly preventative movement series to be split into two parts: education and movement. You will begin by gaining a strong understanding of the fascial system and the importance of getting your body in the parasympathetic state.  Following this understanding will be work that will connect you to your body in a restorative manner. It will bring you to your parasympathetic state with a focus on breathing, balancing the pelvis, hydrating the spine, and working to create a healthy psoas. You will feel amazing, light and powerful!

The Details:

KoruFit classes will happen at Seacoast Sports Club’s West End facility on Brewery Lane in Portsmouth, NH. Classes will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-7:30 pm.

The first program will begin on January 8th and will run for ten weeks, ending on March 14th. The cost is $299 and includes all necessary equipment.