Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® (ATMAT)

Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®
by Rebecca Duggan, LMT

Arvigo-Therapy-technique-at-body-mechanix-massageI discovered Arvigo® Therapy in May 2017. During that time I was struggling with fertility issues and was undergoing treatment for an ectopic pregnancy. Unfortunately, this was my second ectopic in a years time. The doctor suggested to me that IVF would be the next logical step since this was my second ectopic and my fallopian tubes were clearly blocked. I was also told that my uterus was severely retroflexed (tilted backward) and leaning far to my left. I was not ready to take on the physical, emotional, and financial stresses that came with IVF. So I desperately started to research natural alternatives.

After countless days of reading blogs, books, and online support groups, this “Arvigo® Therapy“ continued to be mentioned. I decided to take a look at what this was all about. That’s where everything clicked, my “aha” moment…The research mainly talked about realigning the pelvic organs while clearing out congestion. I immediately thought of my tilted uterus and blocked tubes. Best of all, it was a form of BODYWORK and I could DO it! HELLO!!

This discovery sparked a fire inside me that I never knew existed. I suddenly felt called to learn this work and share it with others. In November 2017, I found a local Arvigo® practitioner (there aren’t many in New Hampshire) and I booked myself my very first treatment. Three hours later, I left feeling light, strong, and extremely empowered! That treatment solidified my desire to do this work. Fast forward to October 2018 where I attended a weeklong Arvigo® Professional Care Training workshop in Greenfield New Hampshire. I was accompanied by 13 strong professional women who were all seeking the same thing I was. Healing for ourselves and learning how to heal others. We all had a story. Every one of us was about to face the very issue that led us to this work.

Every day we learned an immense amount of information. We gave and received lots of bodywork. We shared our pasts, our feelings, and our tears. It was an emotionally intense, inspiring, and life-changing week. We came in feeling broken and left with a repaired relationship with our bodies. It’s easy to lose trust in your body when you’ve experienced such pain and loss, you disconnect quite easily. Arvigo® Therapy helped me to heal my body and repair the connection I thought I had lost. I am forever grateful for my past experiences as they are the reason for this discovery. I am looking forward to sharing this beautiful and life-changing therapy with you all!